Please inquire about Engineering or Technical Services not specificially categorized below. 
Sub-Contact rates for hourly billing involving volume or recurring services are negotiable.

Research & Proof-of-Concept If you are thinking about implementing new technologies or services we can research, evaluate, then design and implement the technology on a physical or virtual server and demonstrate, document, and present the results.

Please contact us for detailed information.

Analysis, Design, Engineering If you are planning on implementing streaming Real Time protocols like VoIP or Video then physically or logically segmented networks should be in place before those services are turned up. The converged segments within existing networks should be evaluated and Quality-of-Service protocols implemented to ensure acceptable performance.

Please contact us for detailed information.

Field Technical Services  We can supply an engineer to any location in North America for installation, configuration, deployment, training, documentation, and troubleshooting for Legacy TDM, IP PBX, and Hosted PBX related issues. We can setup and coordinate transparent Multi-Site office configurations.

We specialize in VoIP technologies including Asterisk builds, legacy PBX interfacing, Unified Messaging, TAPI/CTI configuration & troubleshooting, installation & provisioning of Hardphones and Softphones, Analog & PRI Gateway configuration, SIP/RTP tracing and diagnostics, QoS configuration and analysis, & Hosted deployments. We handle both Windows and Linux Operating Systems.

We can arrange for your infrastructure and cabling needs if requested.
Miscellaneous Services Our Data Center consists of both Windows and Linux platforms with cross virtualization (Linux-on-Windows and Windows-on-Linux) implemented through Oracle's VirtualBox environment.

Our Voice Services include a Linux based Asterisk Server running both SIP & IAX protocols with most codecs available over multiple device and gateway types for testing and problem resolution.

Remote testing, diagnostics, configuration, & post-deployment support is available for Linux and Asterisk servers through SSH, NX or Webmin.

Remote support for Windows platforms is available through RDP or TeamViewer.

Please contact us directly for specific technology requests.

$120.00/hour + Expenses or RFP Technology: $120.00/hour or RFP
Qualitative Thermal: $80/hour
Quantitative Thermal: RFP
More than 24 hrs notice: $80/hour+travel,
Between 8-24 hrs notice: $100/hr+travel,
Less than 8 hrs notice: $120/hour+travel,
Nights/Weekends: $120/hour+R/T travel,
Federal Holidays: $160/hour+R/T travel.  
Remote Technical: $60/hour,
Documentation: $40/hour,
Travel - Vehicular:
      $40/hour Portal-to-Site,
Travel - Air:  
      $20/hour Portal-to-Portal
      + Expenses

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